Time is limited. That’s why it’s important to use it wisely. Programming is the art of finding solutions, and technology provides us with the tools to do so.
Today I want to introduce you to H2 Database, a system that will speed up your development process, by providing you an in-memory SQL database, easy to set set-up and ready to be used in your project.
Especially during the early stage of software development, this technology will help you set up a prototype, test different solutions, and deliver a clustered program that will greatly improve your efficiency.

At the end of…

Are you starting to learn how to write code? Preparing for an interview? Maybe looking to improve your understanding of Object-Oriented Programming? If so, you will see the Four Pillars of OOP mentioned quite often.
In this article, I will help you grasp what they are, what they aim to achieve, and why they are fundamental to you as a developer.

The four pillars are Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.

The first pillar. It consists in hiding implementation detail and only offering clear entry points to the user.
When implementing a method, you will often need to create different helper…

Spring has finally arrived and with it the support for Spring native executables using GraalVM.
You will see that Spring has never started faster or been lighter.

GraalVM uses an exciting set of technologies to compile Ahead Of Time (AoT) programs elegantly and effectively.

This results in incredibly fast start-speed, low memory footprint, and small packaging for your application.

At the time I’m writing this, I have just graduated from an Ironhack bootcamp on Java Web Development that I participated in thanks to a scholarship offered by Santander Bank.

It was a very constructive and intense experience in which I learned a lot and that helped me have a better understanding of the direction I want to move on with my career.

I believe in the value of shared knowledge and peer learning. …

Salvatore Corsaro

Full Stack developer - Java enthusiasts - Docker lover - Ironhacker and 42 - Jurist

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